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Founders Message

When I was 18 and starting my college athletic career at Harvard, I met with a doctor about an aching knee. He diagnosed me with early on-set arthritis and said my athletic career was pretty much done. When I asked what that meant outside of competing, would I be able to go on slow runs? Play a pick-up game of basketball? The doctor said that likely my knees would hold up for 10 to 15 minutes before giving out.

That moment changed my whole entire outlook on how I managed and viewed my body. I became obsessed with learning about how the human body works and the best way to go about training, working out and eating to keep my body healthy and capable of doing the activities I love for as long as possible.

I ended up focusing my studies in college in biological anthropology, specifically human evolutionary biology. I was fortunate to be provided the chance to learn about how the body works from the muscular-skeletal system to metabolic processes. What I took away from it all is that people are meant to be active and eat right. Though what “active” and “eating right” means depends on the person and the life they want to live. And being specific in envisioning that life is the guiding principle in designing and structuring a workout and wellness program.

How did it turn out for me? Well I managed to compete for three years in college, while adhering to some strict usage and therapy guidelines. And I’m happy to say that while I’m not competing at the highest level of athletics anymore, I am able to go for runs in central park, play football with friends, and be as active as I want to be, by following and applying the same knowledge and philosophies that I use with each one of my clients. Whether that’s a grandmother who wants to be able to do more activities, like riding bikes with her grandkids, or a business executive wanting to learn how to feel as active and good as they did in their 20s, or the young professional learning how to balance, life, career, and relationships with looking and feeling good.

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