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The JKFFH philosophy that John preaches to his clients is that fitness should be a lifetime goal. And to accomplish this he specializes in designing training programs to be integrated into clients’ lives for the long haul, whether that’s a young athlete, or an older client looking to maintain strength, flexibility and mobility.

Being healthy requires a balance of:


1. Strength


2. Agility


3. Power


4. Flexibility


5. Muscular Endurance


6. Cardiovascular Endurance

Sessions Offered in the Following Formats


Our classic offering. One on one training with John. A hands on training session tailored to your specific needs, interests and goals.

Purchase at our introductory rate:​ 1 – One Hour Training Session - $90​​​​​​


*Guided Warm-Up/Cardio Session *Trainer Interactive Workout Program

*Cool Down/Trainer Stretch


Partner training sessions are perfect for couples looking to share their health and wellness routines. A great way to spend time together and workout.

Read reviews from satisfied partner customers

small group

(2 to 5 people) Need that team camaraderie feeling in your workout? Then small group training is perfect you. Grab a friend or friends and enjoy a workout that challenges you individually and as a group.

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(Best for ages 9 & up. 30, 45 minute options available): Share the love of fitness as a family. One of my fondest memories from childhood was working out with my parents and siblings. Whether it was runs around the track or family push-up competitions, the time spent together was great. Plus we got the added benefit of getting and staying in shape together.

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