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Designing workouts is a specialty here at JKFFH. To help provide an idea of what a training session or Program Design purchase will be like, JKFFH provides free downloadable workouts. Download the pdfs for easy access on your phone or print them out to help track your progress.


What makes our programs special?

​JKFFH programs are designed to accomplish client goals through targeted periods of strength, cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning. Being specific and applying an almost “scientific method” approach allows John to design programs that isolate all the variables of a workout routine to determine what a client's body responds to best, while at the same time allowing for logical stepwise progression in training that ensures goal achievement.

New At-Home Cardio Blast Circuit

This 10 move routine uses the total body to get your heart rate up to build cardiovascular fitness, while burning a large amount of calories to shed fat. No equipment is necessary and the routine can be done with minimal space in your home or outdoors.


Working out is a big part of my daily routine, so when I’m traveling whether for work or fun, I try to get in some form of exercise. One of those forms is this simple travel workout I created that can be done in about 20 to 30 minutes and uses minimal equipment. It’s a full body workout that mixes cardio/aerobic moves with strength moves. Enjoy!

Featured Programs

6 Day Weight Loss

It’s GO TIME! The 6 Day Weight Loss Program is our shock and awe approach to “getting it done”, six straight days of hitting it hard. What it entails:

-Alternating Lifting and Cardio centric days.

-Total body engagement

Total Body Performance

This is a 5 week program designed to totally transform your body and athletic performance.

Total Body Training

The ultimate total body workout program to kick start your new routine. This two week guided program features 3 distinct workouts and instructions for 5 days of training per week. Guaranteed to help you lose weight, gain muscle and sculpt your body

Featured Workouts

Athlete's Challenge

Travel Workout

At Home Routine

Sports Conditioning

Young Professional Woman

Chest Builder

Track Workout

Walking Treadmill

Gudies & Charts

Meal Guidelines

Cardio Calorie Chart

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