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Workout Jam of the Moment

What makes a song ideal for a workout? It's clearly subjective and based on personally taste, but for me I have a few criteria.


-A driving bass line

-awesome rhythms

-some catchy lyrics (though this can be bad for fellow gym goers around me)


Which leads to my Jam of the Moment

Overload (feat. Gappy Ranks) by Ape Drums on their album What Is a Jeffree?

The Needle Drop says it best - 


"Overload" is the second track to drop from this thing, and features from massive dancehall rhythms spliced with vocal samples that sound like they're lifted straight from a Bollywood musical or something." 


Let me know if you like and what Jams I should consider for future "moments

This app has been a great addition to my interval training routine. While it

has a few quirks it makes up for it with its numerous options, easy set-up and trainer like whistle. All things that make it a great download for Android users. I use it most when I'm doing my 8 minute abs in the Athlete's Challenge Workout. The audio cues are perfect for getting me through those last couple of sets.

Not an android user? Check out this
Huffpost piece for other interval app options.

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