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Program Design

Already know your way around a gym? Familiar with exercises, but tired of designing your own program, or pulling the latest “it” workouts from magazines and online? Program design is the route for you.

Receive a workout tailored to your goals, schedule and capabilities. Even better your program purchase comes with check-ins and feedback calls, so that it can be adjusted to your progress and keep you honest.

Get started Today! Purchase the:

1 – One Month JKFFH Wellness Program - $100


*3 Custom Built Workouts in PDF Form Per Week

*Weekly Phone/Email/Text Check-Ins and Follow-ups

*Live Video Chat for Exercise Explanations and Form Checks.


Programs are designed with a varied approach of aerobic, strength and flexibility moves. They can be specific to one or contain components of many of our types and categories of training.

Check out our Free Workouts to try out our Program Design or get ideas for your PD purchase.

Email or Call 646-867-1955 for pricing information on programs outside of our 1 month special.

Sample Program

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