Hey, you gotta take it off at some point. That's why we run our 50% Off Your 1st Training Special year round.


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Introducing the new JKF Fitness & Health Personal Training Loyalty Program


The program lets clients win when they train. How? For every 10 sessions completed, clients win a free session for their personal use or to gift to a friend.

To enroll in the program please contact John at:


Email john@jkffh.com or Call 646-867-1955

Your Summer Body is a Year Round Project

Jump start your body to get to the healthiest and hottest you with one of our 4 week training programs. Train either 2 or 3 times a week, with additional personalized programmi-ng to do on your own. In one months time you'll be well on your way to a leaner, stronger and more conditioned body. 

See why clients like David say: "Thanks for the super powers you gave me"



Email john@jkffh.com / call 646-867-1955 for pricing and scheduling