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Travel Workout

The Travel Workout was designed for a client who worked as a consultant and was on the road a lot. The goal was to create something that takes 20 to 30mins to complete at a high intensity and works the whole body. Special features of this workout are its use of a packed suitcase for weights.

Click the image for a detailed pdf of the workout

Travel Workout


Warm – Up
•Jumping jacks/Jogging In Place (High Knees) – 3 Sets – 60 Seconds
•Push-ups: Regular, Feet on floor hands on seat of chair or table, Hands on floor, feet up on chair – 2 Sets – 15 Reps each position
•One Arm Rows – 2 Sets – 45 Seconds each arm
•Dips – 2 Sets – 20 Reps
•Lunges - Alternate stepping forward and back on each leg – 2 Sets – 10 Reps/Leg

•Lunge Arm Hold – 1 Set – 10 Reps/Leg
•Squat Thrusts – 1 Set – 60 Seconds
•Wall squats with Arms – 1 Set - 90 Seconds
•Abdominals - Sit ups, Reverse crunches, Side Bends, Leg Lifts, Isolated Crunches, Back Extensions – 1 Set – 20 Reps/Exercise

Let us know your experiences with the workout/program
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