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Cardio Blast Circuit 2020

JKF Fitness & Health Presents John Ford's "At Home Cardio Blast Circuit 2020". This 10 move routine uses the total body to get your heart rate up to build cardiovascular fitness, while burning a large amount of calories to shed fat. No equipment is necessary and the routine can be done with minimal space in your home or outdoors.


Each move is done for 10 minutes, with a 10-second rest/transition period to the next move. Try to take as few breaks as possible. The routine can be done as a warm-up, at the end of a workout, or done as a set to be repeated up to 3 times with 2 to 3 minutes rest in between sets.

Here are the moves:

1. High Knees

2. Plank Forearm Up Downs


3. In & Out Squat Jumps


4. Speed Walkout into Push-up


5. Sprinter Start Steps


6. Breakdancers


7. Skater Jumps


8. Crab Walks


9. Switch Hop or Switch
Jump Lunges

10. Burpees with Push-up 
and Squat Jump

Let us know your experiences with the workout/program
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