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The Home Workout Guide will include pre-made routines you can watch through YouTube, our tried and true At-Home and Travel Workouts, Stretching Routines, option to book an online session, Tips and equipment suggestions! 

New At-Home Cardio Blast Circuit

This 10 move routine uses the total body to get your heart rate up to build cardiovascular fitness, while burning a large amount of calories to shed fat. No equipment is necessary and the routine can be done with minimal space in your home or outdoors.

Tips inThe News

Struggling to come up with or adjust to your new home workout routines? I can empathize. While I personally provide some great virtual options for clients, such as online classes, online one-on-one sessions, and youtube videos, I too have felt overwhelmed with my new virtual workout options. This is why I spoke with Brittany Risher and Fitbit to give you 3 tips on how to navigate and maximize your virtual workouts.

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Building StrengtH

Missing weights and machines at the gym? Worried about not being able to maintain your strength levels without them? You can still build strength and increase your muscle size and endurance with bodyweight moves while working out at home or outside. See my go-to bodyweight exercises that I gave to Openfit. And, yes, as you can tell from the accompanying video, pull-ups (I brought a new bar for my apartment early in quarantine) are included.

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Youtube Workouts
Stretching Videos

Travel Workout


At Home Routine

Online Personal Training
Workout from home with the critique and interactive feedback from a trainer. Video sessions are available in individual or group format through – google hangouts, Skype and now offering Zoom!
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Home Fitness Equipment 
Exercise Resistance Bands wih Handles

Resistance Band Tubes with Handles

Great way to incorporate resistance training and strength work into your home routines.

Here’s the option that I purchased on Amazon

TRX Suspension Training Systems

TRX Suspension Training System

Great for body weight training and cross-training workouts.

Can purchase directly from TRX or from Amazon with cheaper equivalent systems.

Exercise Glide Sliding Discs

Glide Sliding Discs and Resistance Bands

Great for core workouts and cross-training.

Here’s the option that I purchased on Amazon

Foldable Exercise Mat

Foldable Training Mat

A nice addition if you don't like sweating on your floors, or need

some additional cushioning for floor exercises.

Here’s the option that I purchased on Amazon

Adjustable Speed Jump Ropes

Jump Ropes

Go to piece of equipment for easy at home cardio and interval workouts

Here’s the option that I purchased on Amazon

Meal Guidelines & Suggestons

A healthy diet plays a vital role in fueling your body for workouts, supporting your immune system and assisting in your muscle development and recovery. John has put together a comprehensive guide to eating healthy that includes meal and snack recommendations, fat fighting foods, protein supplement suggestions and tasty recipes.

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