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Training Philosophy

The JKFFH philosophy that John preaches to his clients is that fitness should be a lifetime goal. And to accomplish this he specializes in designing training programs to be integrated into clients’ lives for the long haul, whether that’s a young athlete, or an older client looking to maintain strength, flexibility and mobility.

Being healthy requires a balance of:

1. Strength



2. Agility



3. Power



4. Flexibility



5. Muscular Endurance



6. Cardiovascular Endurance

These six components form the foundation of John’s programs and are skillfully woven together to allow each component to improve upon one another.


And herein lies the difference from other trainers, John believes that working out should make you feel and look good. To do this he places an emphasis on attention to details during a workout. The focus and awareness on these details comes from the continual research and trials of a variety of fitness routines that John performs. This constant work allows him to safely teach his clients exercises from the categories in Types of Training to create innovative, fun and maximally effective workout routines.

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