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Your Session

What To Expect In Your Sessions: 

Our unbridled attention and utmost professionalism, not to mention a fun time. At JKFFH we know that working out can be a drag, which is why we try to make each one of your workouts enjoyable and entertaining. You will constantly be exposed to new exercises and routines complimented by your friendly and conversational trainer.

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Sessions are typically in an hour format that include

•A Guided Warm-Up/Cardio Session

•Workout Program/Routine

•Cool Down/Stretch.

•Google Sheets Doc with every workout done with the trainer, including set, reps, resistance levels and other stats
•Body Fat Measurements and Weight Tracking
•Meal Guidelines
•Workouts to do on own​

Options outside of an hour are available depending on program

*Starting a program of personal sessions requires at least a 2 session per week commitment. We guarantee results but do ask for this commitment on your part.*

Excited to announce a new feature at JKF Fitness & Health, our new program tracking. Working with Google docs, clients now get their own interactive folder that includes their before and after photos and program sheets file. The program google sheets file contains the exercises, sets, reps, weights, distances, speeds, resistance levels and other stats that you do in every workout. Plus a special tab to input workouts on your own or input the info from your "homework" workouts designed by your trainer. Initial client feedback has been great. Those using the sheets are seeing even greater results in their fitness goals. Specific highlights include being able to see strength gains in weight lifted, improvement in cardio workouts, and improved conditioning in the number of exercises completed in each workout.


Our classic offering. One on one training with John. A hands on training session tailored to your specific needs, interests and goals.

Purchase at our introductory rate:​ 1 – One Hour Training Session - $90​​​​​​


*Guided Warm-Up/Cardio Session *Trainer Interactive Workout Program

*Cool Down/Trainer Stretch


Partner training sessions are perfect for couples looking to share their health and wellness routines. A great way to spend time together and workout.

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small group

(2 to 5 people) Need that team camaraderie feeling in your workout? Then small group training is perfect you. Grab a friend or friends and enjoy a workout that challenges you individually and as a group.

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(Best for ages 9 & up. 30, 45 minute options available): Share the love of fitness as a family. One of my fondest memories from childhood was working out with my parents and siblings. Whether it was runs around the track or family push-up competitions, the time spent together was great. Plus we got the added benefit of getting and staying in shape together.

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