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The focus stays on our clients as they achieve the bodies they want.


And We’re back!

Well, at least in this mode.

The past two and a half years have been quite the journey for myself and JKF Fitness & Health. With many thanks to my faithful and persistent clients who have stuck with me and/or joined up during covid, it’s because of them and you that the business and thus our services carry on.

I would like to think the company is stronger - with in-person training fully back on and a robust and more fully developed portfolio of virtual training available. It’s now easier and more efficient to start and keep up with your workout routines with JKF Fitness & Health.

So thank you for being on this journey with me and cheers to what comes next.

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At Home

Cardio BlasT



Maximizing your Virtual Workouts

John speaks with Fitbit about 3 ways to keep your workout game strong during stay at home orders.

Building Strength

The Best Body Weight Exercises For Every Major Muscle Group

John gives Openfit his go to home body weight exercises.

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One on One



Online Personal Training Sessions

The SkinnY

ON Walking

John explains how walking can help you reach your fitness and health goals. His insights on walking were featured in a piece on the NBCNews BETTER Site. Read more about how walking can benefit you and try John's treadmill walking workout.

People are Talking . . . 

Read in the words of current and past clients why they love John and JKF Fitness & Health

If you want to use every ounce of energy and feel the most alive you ever have, John is you trainer. I started with a low level of fitness and over a year and a half, have been replacing pounds of body fat with muscle month after month and feeling better in every way. John is extremely knowledgeable about body composition, exercise and nutrition and puts together a plan that fits the goals you want, be it strength, speed or if you just want to look like him ;) Everything is tracked so you can see your progress which helps when it gets tough. It does take time but you have to trust the process, it works. He will push you to your best, you'll grow muscles you never knew you had but theres always fun and good laugh to be had. It doesn't get easier, you just get faster stronger and lift heavier. Flexibility is great, whether its your local gym or home gym (my preference) and if the session starts late, you'll go until your finished. If you are looking for a personal trainer that actual cares about your health/wellness/fitness, John is all that, and more.

-Eli Lever 2018

Sessions can be provided in the NYC Metro Area

At Your:

•In-building Gym

•Local Gyms (See locations here)

•In-home Gym

•Outdoor Space (Prospect Park, Central Park East River Park and more)


How much do you get with your training session? At JKF Fitness & Health we've been working hard to maximize your value. See all that we include with your session:

Healthy Recipes

After talking endlessly about my tasty black bean dish to client Eli, he finally demanded I send him the recipe. Then he sent me evidence of him adding it to his diet. Couldn’t be a prouder #trainer.

Checkout the full recipe on our instagram page!

John talks with Men's Journal about cross training tips for long distance runners

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Master the Squat

Checkout the ultimate squat progression

Squats are one of my favorite exercises and one that I try to make sure all of my clients (no matter age or ability) master.


As I tell them, if standing up is something you're going to be doing for the rest of your life, then squatting is going to need to be a part of your exercise routine.

See the parts of John's squat program that were quoted in Thrillist Health

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