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Success Stories

Diane - Mid 50's

Diane Mid 50s, Doctor

•Starting Problems and Goals: Joint pain in the neck and legs. Diane wanted to lose weight and get back in shape again.

•​Results – Getting 3 kids through college and running her own practice had led her to run her body down and be inconsistent with workout regimens. The first step was designing a program that worked with Diane’s schedule, which meant putting together a home program. We assessed that she needed to improve her cardiovascular fitness and put together a stationary bike program. It was also determined that some of the joint point could be alleviated by strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility where possible. The program set up designed a progression of movements to re-teach her body how to squat, lunge, push-up and pull. These 4 movements worked the major muscle groups and allowed for strength, flexibility and range of movement improvements.

To date Diane has lost over 25 lbs that have stayed off for over a year now. She has more energy, eats a diet that supports her activity levels and can now partake in a range of activities and exercise routines.

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