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Success Stories

Nick - Late Teens

Nick – Late Teens, Student

•Starting Problems and Goals: Nick had knee and other joint pain from a growth spurt and had little to no previous workout experience. One thing he did know is that he didn’t like working out and didn’t want to be with a trainer who only spoke in muscles and fitness.

•Results – Working with younger clients places an even greater emphasis on teaching them to use and control their bodies. Nick was placed on a program that focused on a progression of controlled movements in 3 categories - lifts, compound exercises and agility drills. The goal was to teach him muscle memory, muscle recruitment and to start to build strength. The challenge was to not let him get discouraged by overly-complicated exercises or a lack of progress.

By finding and focusing in on exercises that Nick did well, we were able to build up confidence and enjoyment in working out. Nick improved his strength, gained muscle mass, coordination and agility, all while experiencing less pain in his joints.

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