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Success Stories

Michael - Mid 30s

Michael Mid 30s, President of Company, Father

•Starting Problems and Goals: Chronically weak shoulders, previous knee ligament tears and strains, wanted to gain muscle mass.

​•Results – Michael was placed on a program designed to determine what his body could handle based on pass injuries. We isolated exercises and activities that caused pain and further injury and developed a routine that strengthened the key muscle groups around his knees and shoulders to stabilize the joints. Once the joints were stabilized, we were able to implement full body strength and conditioning programs to allow Michael to get back out onto the tennis and basketball courts and start to running again, including personal records in a timed mile run.

​There are certain exercises Michael will have to include in weekly workouts to maintain joint health and some exercises are off the table, but he’s now able to enjoy the activities he wants and workout to have the body that he’s happy with.

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